Home Relief for Metatarsal Pain

Metatarsalgia is a fifty dollar word for a very painful foot. More specifically it’s a range of symptoms that make themselves very evident by pain and the ball of the foot feels touchy and inflamed.

It is caused by too much stress being applied to the metatarsal heads and it quite often due to overuse of repetitive movements. Common sports that see this type of injury are basketball, sprinters, runners, and even soccer players. Burning pain when walking may indicate a severe case of metatarsalia.

If you think you may have metatarsalia, do not attempt to diagnose it yourself, please have your foot checked out by a qualified professional. It’s important to rule out other sources for your pain first and foremost as the pain you’re feeling could be hiding a much larger problem such as inflammatory arthritis or interdigital neuroma. Once you’ve been diagnosed with metatarsalgia, you can begin a home regimen to manage the pain and lessen the discomfort.

If your doctor says it’s fine, use an over the counter pain reliever and use an ice pack treatment for 15-20 minutes per session five to seven times a day. Use a wrap that will hold the cold in place.

Also, be sure to rest your feet. As simple as it sounds, the best treatment for a repetitive nature sports injury is to stop doing the repetitive motion that caused it in the first place. If you wish, continue your fitness regiment (obviously use your common sense and don’t aggravate your foot injury) until your injury is healed.

If you do not see improvement in a week, make an appointment with a physician and in the meantime, keep your foot chilly as needed and feel better soon!