Home Relief During Chemo

Chemotherapy is rough and the side effects many people feel during chemo treatment leave them feeling ill and weak – however there are a few home remedies that you can do that will help alleviate a lot of the discomfort you may be feeling. Your oncologist will be dealing with the chemical aspects of your disease and treatment, these are tried and true remedies that many cancer patients use to feel better during chemo.

Tummy trouble is a big one for many chemotherapy patients. Eating foods that don’t have a strong smell or taste will go a long ways towards helping your stomach feel better, Mashed potatoes are a paticular fav for many chemo patients, just trust me when I tell you – skip the gravy.

A natural anti-nausea cure is sitting in your kitchen cupboard, Ginger. Use a fresh root and slice a few thing slices and steep in hot water and sip as a tea. Use as much as you need for taste – store the root in the freezer when you’re not using it. Many chemo patients find it qwells their tummy’s discomfort.

Baldness is a fact that comes with chemo. Your oncologist will usually tell you to cut your hair when you begin chemo and when it starts falling out – just shave your head. Headaches are a fact for many chemo patients and also you may feel hot. Cool packs on the head will really help eliminate the irritating heat feeling and alleviate headaches. Many patients find they initially have headaches for no other reason than the lights around them seem suddenly brighter and it’s due to seeing the world without the benefit of eyelashes.

Exercise as you can. Granted chemo will knock the wind out of your sails and you won’t be up for the Boston Marathon, you will still need to get some exercise – it’s one of the necessary building blocks for your body to help heal itself. A simple walk around the block is very beneficial – don’t overdo it but do what you can.