What Can Parents Do to Minimize Sports Injuries in Their Kids? Part I

Before parents can help their kids participate in sports safely, they need to understand that the common causes of various sports injuries among children are.

A large number of sports injuries occur in children age 8-years old and younger and usually due to the fact children in this age range generally have less coordination and their reaction times can be slower simply due to the fact they are still developing and growing both mentally and physically.

Since kids of the same age can be markedly different sizes, that will also come into play. A much larger child of the same age may play on a peewee football league and if he has a collision with another, smaller sized player -there can be injuries sustained by one or both players.

Not using the proper safety or play equipment for the sport the kids are playing is another biggie for causing injuries. A good example would be skimping on the use of a properly fitted helmet, mouthguard, pads, goggles, shoes or supports for whatever sport they are playing. The lack of any one of these necessary items for the sport that is being played can lead to an unnecessary injury of a child. If your child is a first-time participant in sports, ask the coach exactly what is needed to participate safely – you’ll get the answers you need.

And that’s just an overview, more to come in tomorrow’s post.