Minimizing Sports Injuries in Kids Part II

We talked yesterday about the most common reasons that injuries occur in children that are participating in sports. Along with their inexperience, the lack of supervision among the adults is unfortunately another reason.

Lack of adult monitoring for the upkeep and the appropriateness of the game playing surface or field is another reason kids get injured playing sports. Coaches or parents should volunteer to check the playing fields for any rifts, holes or ruts that could cause a child to trip and fall. The most common injury from playing on this type of field are sprained ankles. Basketball and running sports should be done on tracks and wooden basketball courts as those surfaces are made for the sports instead of an unforgiving concrete surface for either of those competitive sports. ces like concrete.

Along with an adult overseeing the sports playing area is safe, actualy adult supervision is needed. When you’re searching for a team for your child to join, talk to the coach and make sure that your child, especially if he or she is a first-timer for playing sports, will be adequately supervised during play. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask if the coach is well versed in CPR, first aid and ask directly what their philosophy about the sport is. It should be something along the lines of promoting the individual player while teaching them to work as a team, good sportsmanship and each member doing their best. A “win at any cost” kind of philosophy will probably end with the injury of at least one member on the team and that member could very well be your own child.

Pushing your child into a sport he or she really isn’t capable or doesn’t wish to play in can lead to injuries. Your 7-year old may have more sports ability than your 9-year old who isn’t that interested in sports. Don’t push a child that isn’t ready or does not wish to participate.

Practice is another biggie. Practice what skills that you can with your child at home. Setting up a place to practice kicking goals for soccer, going to a batting cage or throwing a football and shooting baskets at home are all good ways to prepare your child and let them learn about the sports they want to play.

Use these tips and if your child wants to participate in sports – by all means let them. But do your own homework and make sure that you have a good coach and your child is really ready and always wear that safety equipment.