Interesting Development in a Friend’s Shoulder Injury

Normally these articles are a little more clinical, but today I want to share something with you that recently happened to a friend of mine.

My friend is an attorney, sharp as a tack and is currently battling Parkinson’s Disease and takes a few medications to slow the progression of the disease for which there is still no cure. Unfortunately some of the medications come with unwanted side effects, one of these side effects happened to be seizures.

Several weeks ago, she was walking up the hall, looking forward to going to bed after a long day of work, kids, life and suddenly out of the blue she was hit with a small seizure that sent her to the ground and in the position she hit the hard wood floor, her left shoulder tore a ligament resulting in severe pain. I kept our communications brief during this time except for a regular, “Hello and how are you doing” type of e-mails and phone calls as I feel rest is paramount to a faster recovery for any injury of this type.

She left me a very frustrated message that she was tired of being given pain killers and more pain killers which made her feel horrible along with not killing the pain and she felt she was being goaded into having shoulder surgery rather than exploring other options but she couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone as to what her other options might be. She had a long time relationship with her physician and didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but she felt it was time she should shop around for another road to travel to end the nearly constant and agonizing level of pain she was feeling. And this is a woman that has been through natural childbirth and gone through the rigors of chemotherapy and beaten ovarian cancer and she shuns painkillers of any type – she has a very high threshold for pain. She told me to just leave a message on her voice mail as it hurt too much to sit at her computer and type an email or talk on the phone.

I called her back and I told her it wasn’t my usual way to toss my two cents in on anyone’s health issues because it is impossible to know the full scope of someone’s condition, no matter how good of a friend they are, but I told her I had to ask – had she tried cold therapy on her shoulder and I directed her to look at the shoulder wraps and make her own decision on whether or not it would work.

I didn’t hear a thing for a week and out of the blue I got an email, not just a short one either and it was very funny to boot.
Here it is in part:

“…Ok, so why is it that these brilliant surgeons did not mention anything about cold therapy? I figured what the heck I’ll give it a try and it actually did very well!

When one of the nurses called me to see how I was doing and such, I said, “Please just relay the message I won’t be paying the bill”.
She asked if I wanted to come in or have one of the doctors call me. and I said, “No, just relay the message that I will not be paying the bill”.
Complete and absolute dead silence.

I said “hello”? and she kind of sputtered and said, “Well okay, but is there any particular reason?”
I said,”Yes of course there is a particular reason…all they have done is cause pain, then give me drugs that I don’t really want but was forced to try because of the level of pain!”

Still nothing really comprehensible was coming from her end, but I could tell she put me on speaker phone so I told her that I had consulted a faith healer and they told me to try cold therapy and it worked! Oh how I wish I was able to do that in person, I can’t begin to imagine what the expressions were around the office! So, I continued, since the doctors had caused pain I was going to send my money to the faith healer that actually did something for me.

My daughter walked in during some of this conversation and after a little while I noticed recognition on her face and she started to grin…I gave her that look that says “if you cannot keep from laughing out loud get out now”…she actually had to leave. The nurse said she would relay the message but that the doctor would probably want to speak with me anyway.

I said,”Just tell them there is no need to call, that my mind was made up”.

She stuttered a little more and then said,”Okay, well bye”.

You know I couldn’t let it go, I said,”Wait, wait…how about if I just split the payment between those worthless doctors and my personal faith healer?”
Dead silence. Phone hangs up.

I called them back but one nurse said she was sorry there was no one else there I could talk to about it. I swear I finally had to tell them the truth that yes I really was still coming in for my visit, I really am nearly pain free and yes I am paying that confarned doctor bill for my previous treatments of this shoulder up until now; and you could pretty much hear a collective audible sigh!

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for pointing me in a direction for making it feel better and for the chance to harass the medical profession.

I just had to share that one, once again it proves, explore your options – your doctor is very knowledgeable but still only human just like you. If you’re not making progress after several weeks – start exploring other roads of recovery – everyone’s body responds differently and what works fabulous for one person may not work as well for you – but you never know until you try.