Why Do People Ignore Pain?

When you think of it, your body is an amazing machine. When you give it the right fuel (good food, plenty of good water and supplements as needed) and exercise – it will run efficiently continually repairing itself around the clock and keeping a myriad of diseases and aches and pains at bay. However, there is pain and it’s a signal. Think of pain as your body’s way of having a small person with a megaphone inside your body shouting, “Stop XYZ ACTIVITY Now!” This means over-eating, over-exertion and other forms of abuse we put our bodies through.

A common pain people commonly ignore is foot pain. You don’t have to be an athlete to get foot pain. Individuals from runners to the average working person that is on their feet all day get a very common complaint called “Bruised Heel” and also affectionately referred to as “Policeman’s Heel”.

This comes up gradually as the heel bone (calcaneus) is repeatedly pounded on. Under normal conditions the heel is protected by a pad of fat. The repeated shock of walking or running on a hard surface (like concrete) can cause the fat pad to be pushed up the side of the heel leaving less of a protective layer for the heel. The result is heel pain. And this is where you should listen to your body. The first symptom of this injury is simply: pain in your heel.

The optimum thing to do is to rest until your heel doesn’t hurt when walking. Another plus is that you can pad your shoes with a cushy, shock absorbing insole to take the place of the fat bad on your heel if you must continue in a job that requires a lot of walking or you enjoy running a form of recreation or sport. Additionally, replace your shoes if they are old, worn or otherwise lack full foot support.

Use these tips and get rid of your aching feet and always remember, listen to what your body is telling you and many times you can stave off larger health issues by catching them at their earliest beginnings.