When Your Knee Clicks After an Injury…

Knees take a lot of abuse, even then they are padded, wrapped and care is taken not to fall on them. A good number of knee pain cases are related to simply overuse of the joint. This happens when small stresses are placed on the knee over and over and the knee isn’t allowed to or given time to recuperate. A single impact or twisting injury can cause both pain and inflammation. The good news is that nearly all knee injuries can be successfully treated and only a small percentage require surgery.

A very common knee injury is Lateral Cartilage Tear and it directly affects the lateral meniscus of the knee. If you’re curious as to exactly what the lateral meniscus is, here’s a little 101. Each of your knee joints has two crescent-shaped cartilage menisci. They lay on the inner and outer edges of the upper surface of the tibia bone otherwise known as your shin bone. This area is called your tibial plateau. These components of the leg work together as the best natural shock absorbers and keep the knee free from stress related impacts along with keeping weight distribution happening to the joints are not overloaded during heavy activity.

As a result of an injury, you can see why the ability to walk can be greatly impacted until the ligaments fully heal. Nature has seen to it that this area of the body is rather difficult to injure. There are fewer adhesive attachments to other structures in the area of the body and most of these injuries are due to unnatural twisting movements incurred during sports play or degeneration of the cartilage which usually comes with age.

Signs and Symptoms You May Have a Lateral Cartilage Injury

* Tenderness or pain around the lateral surface of the knee joint
* Swelling- usually within 24-48 hours of injury
* Pain, particularly when bending the knee
* Audible popping, cracking or clicking sounds

What Should You Do If You Suspect a Lateral Cartilage Injury?
* Contact your primary care physician
* Keep pain, swelling and inflammation at bay through the use of R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) to the injured
knee. The use of cold therapy for roughly 10-15 minutes on and about 15-30 minutes off will help keep pain and swelling at

Lateral cartilage injuries aren’t the only reason your knee will click after an injury, but it is one of the most common reasons. If you suspect you’ve injured a ligament and you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, get it checked with a qualified medical professional and you’ll be back to doing your favorite things quicker than quick!