Got a Pain in the Neck?

No, I don’t mean if someone is being annoying or not! Neck pain, also known as cervicalgia is a very common complaint that many adults have it’s very distinct.

What is Cervicalgia?

If you’re curious, cervicalgia is a pain in the neck that stays in the neck. Meaning it does not radiate outwards into the back or arms as some neck pain does. The neck muscles are under constant tension to hold the held up and in the event of a sudden, sharp movement those muscles can be torn as they are in a tightened position almost constantly. The result is a centered, almost constant neck pain.

How Do I Know If It’s Cervicalgia?
You need to have a qualified medical professional look at your neck to ascertain if it is truly cervicalgia. Symptoms of cervicalgia usually include a sharp pain in the neck. A strong ache in the area of the neck and pain is felt when the head is turned (do this gently) from side to side.

What Are Some Forms of Pain Relief for Cervicalgia?
First of all, apply ice if you suspect there may be a tear in the muscle. A special neck collar can help the muscles rest while acting as a good support for the head. There are some forms of rehabilitation exercises, consult with your physician before attempting them as they aren’t’ right for all people recovering from this type of injury.