Home Treatments for Whiplash

Whiplash is usually thought of as purely a result of a fender bender in a car. However, it’s also a common sports related injury although the reason for the injury is the same.

A whiplash is simply an injury that has occurred because the full body was traveling forward usually in a vehicle of some sort and then vehicle was suddenly stopped due to an impact. A whiplash can also occur from a blow suffered to the neck area that stops the body’s forward movement.

A whiplash is a sneaky condition. It usually won’t rear its painful head for anywhere from 24 to 48 hours after the injury. And it’s very easy to spot when it’s happening. There will be a marked pain and stiffness in the neck which will develop slowly and peak after about two to three days. Additionally, there will be a reduced range of motion in the neck area. Headaches are also a common side effect from a whiplash.

As with any injury to the neck, have it checked by a medical professional to rule out anything serious such as an injury that mimics whiplash initially but may actually be a more serious injury. Once you rule out anything serious, you can manage your whiplash at home. One of the best treatments you can do early on for a whiplash is to use ice on the affected area to manage the pain. 10-15 minutes of ice on the painful area with 20-30 minutes off is a good schedule to follow.

Range of movement exercises are also good. Let pain be your guide for how far the head may be turned on the neck and don’t push it. Mobility will return slowly, but you need to keep those muscles loose through a little exercise.

One exercise you can do is to sit up straight with your hands on your thighs and keeping your shoulders forward, move your head to the left as far as pain will allow and again, don’t push it. Try to hold to a count of 10 but it’s okay if you only make it to 2 in the beginning. Repeat with the right side and do this at least twice a day.

No matter how it happened, whiplash is no fun but with rest, ice and exercise; you can get back on your feet and be a 100% again in no time at all.