4 Tips for Staying Shoulder-Safe at the Gym

You probably never think about your shoulders and why would you? They are there on your back just doing their job of letting you to push, pull, lift and twist your arms in every direction. If you work out at your gym regularly, you’re more likely to suffer a shoulder injury if you aren’t careful and we have 5 tips to help you ensure that your shoulders stay in their place and aren’t thought about regularly instead of becoming a painful reminded of ,”Oops I shouldn’t have done that”.

Pain is a signal from your shoulders and if you feel any pain whatsoever, stop and see if it continues. You could be tearing ligaments or muscles in the area through over-use or over-excertion, so don’t fall into the motto of, “No pain, no gain” pain is a signal from your body something is amiss. Investigate it.

Tip 1 – Remember your age. You could probably get away with a lot more abuse and malformed lifting techniques in your younger days. If you’re lifting weights and it hurts, modify your lifting style and if it continues, stop. If you push it, you could put too much strain on your shoulders and pay the price with a throbbing, aching shoulder. Higher reps with lower weights is the way to go.

Tip 2- Talk to a pro. This is especially beneficial if you’re going back into the gym and working out after a long absense. Get some tips from someone that is well versed in muscles and exercises to target specific body areas.

Tip 3 – Concentrate on working groups of muscles instead of individual muscles. For optimum shoulder strength, work your muscles in groups. The best work outs will incorporate moves that work a number of muscles instead of just one.

Tip 4- Always do your warm ups. You may think you don’t need to every single time, but you do. Warm up those muscles before you work them and stretch them out. It’s been proven time and again through various studies that a simple warm up can avoid a majority of work out injuries. Doing too much, too often is the number one cause of injuries in people that are new to or revisiting regular work outs.

If you do injure your shoulder, ice and rest are the best remedies for nearly all shoulder injuries, and that’s when you’ll probably be remembering your shoulders, with every movement! Use these tips and keep your workouts (and your shoulders) healthy!