Curious About Cryo Therapy?

A major advance in medicine has been made using a very old method. Cryo Therapy isn’t new but the levels and exactness it can be applied with are. In short, it is the process of applying extreme cold directed at damaged tissues and cancer cells. It has the remarkable ability to stop cancer cells from rapidly spreading to other areas of the body.

Individuals with injuries can use cryo therapy to heal themselves and get back into the rhythm of life a lot faster. Although this type of therapy has been use since the mid-1960’s to treat various types of skin tumors, skin tags and other anonomlies; there wasn’t the ability to direct it at specific types of cancers such as prostate, liver and cervical cancers. The cryo therapy is usually recommended when surgery is not an option for the patient and the results of cryo therapy can be promising.

How cryo therapy works is very simplistic. It simply kills the damaged and cancerous cells by blocking off their blood supply through the freezing and thawing of those cells – which renders the harmful cells the cryo therapy is directed at – essentially dead. Another plus to cryo therapy is although you may imagine that cold applied to areas may be painful but cryo therapy is quite the opposite. The majority of patients report no discomfort whatsoever and the few that did encounter discomfort during the procedure reported it as mild.

If you have cancer or you know someone that does – talk to your doctor and explore cryo therapy – it may be a very healthy option to pursue as there is no surgery, no healing time and very little discomfort involved. Additionally, this method of treatment usually has outstanding results on sports injuries that would otherwise take months upon months to heal.