Ouch! It’s My Bursitis

Bursitis is also known around the world as “Student’s Elbow” and it is a common complaint of both old and young and it centers in, yes the elbow.

The elbow pain of bursitis will originate from just below the tip of the elbow where there is a little sack of fluid that is called the bursa. The bursa has the all important job of lubricating the tissues in the joints and letting you move your elbow with ease.

However if you fall on your bursa or otherwise receive a direct impact, the bursa can become inflammed or even bleeding can occur. The result will be a lot of pain and some swelling on the bony area at the back of your elbow.

Common Symptoms of Bursitis Include:
* Elbow pain whether at rest or moving.
* A painful swelling on the back of the elbow.
* Limited mobility in the elbow.

Avoiding Bursitis
*Wear elbow pads if playing sports or riding a bike, skateboard or other activity where you can risk an impact on your elbow.
* Do not spend long periods of time leaning on the elbows.

If Bursitis Happens
* Rest and apply ice is about all you can do.
* See a sports injury professional if it becomes a chronic problem.