Rollins Still Feeling Sting from Ankle Sprain

Sometimes sports injuries seem cruel. Last year’s MVP Jimmy Rollins was put on the disabled list for the first time in his career with a sprained ankle. It’s a bad blow for the Phillies and Jimmy as well. Jimmy’s game is boosted by his sheer ability to run so fast and a sprained ankle as put a definite damper on his game.

Jimmy Rollins himself was quoted as saying,”My game is speed and I don’t have much of that now”. For someone as fast as this player, a sprained ankle is akin to having an anchor tied to his leg.

Fortunately, immediate attention after the injury is the reason that Rollins will have a fast recover and get back in the game as soon as possible.

As far as regaining speed, in all probability, Rollins will regain his speed and strength if he follows a good regiment that includes regular strength training and practices stretching and warm-up before games or practice games so those muscles around the ankle area are good and warmed up before heavy game use.