It’s Not a Wrap, It’s a Spray

No, it’s not spray on deodorant. That can of 9 Ounce Cold Spray by Mueller is a new product made specifically to spray on skin and create cooling relief for painful areas. How convenient! For pains and aches that are not quite so serious there is now no need to wear a bulky ice pack.

It is fast acting in relieving pain and reducing swelling. It’s very convenient for any parent to carry in their child’s soccer bag, or a coach to have during games and practices. There is no need to stop doing an activity for a little bruising and swelling. Let the coolant do the work and the person get back to what they enjoy.

Convenient, affordable and quick acting the cooling spray is a great new product and a must have for anyone. Why not keep a can in the house for those minor accidents? Pull it out, spray it on and be done with it.