Kits Full of Ice

Every sports team has that one player. Everyone knows him. That one player who is great and so the coach keeps putting him in, but his body seems to be made of glass. He is so accident prone that he spends half the game on the sidelines sitting in a tub of ice water.

Now we have something that trainers can be very happy with, the Trainer’s Kit of Ice Wraps by ColdOne. This kit has 8 reusable pieces including wraps for hand, elbow, shoulder, knee back and anything else a person could think of. Hopefully, no athlete would need to use every one of these wraps. However now there is something for everyone on the team and for those players who end up with multiple injuries.

This kit is very useful and will be, again and again. Now there is now need to worry about running out of items for the trainers to use on their athletes. This kit carries some of our best product and easily pays for itself. No need to share ice packs any more coach!