Quad and Thigh Pain

For walkers and joggers pain in the thigh muscles can be a real nuisance. Perhaps it is from not stretching well enough, or walking on uneven ground. Whatever the case it really hinders someone who habitually exercises. However, pains in these muscles are very easy to deal with. Cold and warm compresses do wonders.

The Thigh or Quad Ice Wrap is a real time saver. It allows for hands free icing and does wonders for tight and pulled muscles. There’s no need to mess up your workout schedule. Stretch properly, wear correct shoes and if you still have pains put on a Thigh Ice Wrap.

These wraps are durable and easy to use and still function while wearing. There is no reason why a person should stop doing things that they need to do for a pulled quad. Just wrap it in one of our products and get on with it!