Wraps to Aid in the Relief of Headaches and Neck Stress

Imagine, you have had a dreadful night of sleep and wake up with an awful kink in your neck. The pain is dreadful but you must still go to work. On the way to work you try and massage it out, stretch your neck, try all the little tricks. Nothing works! By the time you reach work, you have an awful headache caused from the radiating pain of the kink in your neck. Wouldn’t it have been nice if you could have knocked the problem out from the beginning?

Well, you could have. We offer plenty of neck ice wraps for those frustrating kinks as well as ice cold products to help with migraine, headache and stress relief. Though we offer plenty, one of our best sellers is the Dual Comfort Hot or Cold Therapy Packs Trisectional. This product can be used on the neck as an aid in getting rid of neck soreness or headaches, however is as many more uses as a trisectional. It can aid in the relief of pain and injury in many joints of the body, such as the ankle and knees.

The product offers two sides: one for a more slow release treatment and the other for rapid release. Also offering hot treatment it can help in reducing inflammation of an acute injury or chronic pain.

Everyone suffers from headaches, neck aches and joint pain, the difference is, some people take action in their relief of the pain. Our products can help do just that. Take a click around and shop to your body’s content.

Ice Wraps for the Shoulder

Our site offers 12 different shoulder ice and hot wraps. Whether trying to prevent or you already have a chronic or acute injury we have a wrap for your need. Do not let the pain get to you. Medications can only treat so much and can sometimes be hard on other parts of your body, like your stomach. So why not try some alternative methods?

One of our best sellers is the Kold Adult Athletic Shoulder Ice Wrap. The name of it may be a mouth full but our customers can attest to how well it works. It treats all sorts of pain, injuries, tendonitis, arthritis and so much more. Remaining flexible even when frozen makes this shoulder wrap comfortable and durable. Many team physicians and athletic trainers use this product on their athletes.

Though it is a great project for athletes it is not just for them. Maybe you have a job lifting boxes above your head or you have arthritis settling in your shoulder, whatever the case this and many other products are great alternatives to preventing worse injury.

Try Knee Ice by ColdOne

Muscle, pain and swelling may occur and that is due to the inflammation in the soft tissue Are you suffering pain from a knee injury of some sort? When you tear, sprain, or pull a. Until the inflammation is controlled, the injury will not heal. Using Knee Ice by ColdOn will help deliver cold therapy and compression to the injured area taking care of the inflammation. The compression has a numbing effect on the nerve endings that stops the impulses sending signals to the brain supposed as pain. It is very important to get the inflammation under control because if you do not, then the inflammation can cause more problems and more pain.

One tip to remember when you are treating your injury is: P.R.I.C.E.! Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Using the Knee Ice by ColdOn, it will provide the protection, ice, and compression. Treat your injury the best way you can, use the Knee Ice by ColdOn.

Think You Might Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Are you experiencing numbness or tingling sensations in your thumb, index or middle fingers of your hand? You may have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is usually caused by the repetition of hand movements over and over again. In your hand, between the fibrous tissue and your wrist, is called the Carpal Tunnel. In there is the median nerve that sends signals to your fingers, and when any kind of swelling of the tissue occurs in the carpal tunnel, it can squeeze that median nerve. Factory workers, computer users, musicians, and grocery clerks frequently suffer from the syndrome. Sometimes an injury or other disease can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as well.

Often times treatment consists of wearing a splint. A doctor will usually recommend exercises to strengthen the area. Wearing a splint or using ice wraps can often help ease the pain. Look in to our Hand/Wrist Ice or Hot Wrap. This adjustable support is designed to treat carpal tunnel, wrist sprains, swelling, and other hand injuries. Relieve your symptoms!