Quad and Thigh Pain

For walkers and joggers pain in the thigh muscles can be a real nuisance. Perhaps it is from not stretching well enough, or walking on uneven ground. Whatever the case it really hinders someone who habitually exercises. However, pains in these muscles are very easy to deal with. Cold and warm compresses do wonders.

The Thigh or Quad Ice Wrap is a real time saver. It allows for hands free icing and does wonders for tight and pulled muscles. There’s no need to mess up your workout schedule. Stretch properly, wear correct shoes and if you still have pains put on a Thigh Ice Wrap.

These wraps are durable and easy to use and still function while wearing. There is no reason why a person should stop doing things that they need to do for a pulled quad. Just wrap it in one of our products and get on with it!

It’s Not a Wrap, It’s a Spray

No, it’s not spray on deodorant. That can of 9 Ounce Cold Spray by Mueller is a new product made specifically to spray on skin and create cooling relief for painful areas. How convenient! For pains and aches that are not quite so serious there is now no need to wear a bulky ice pack.

It is fast acting in relieving pain and reducing swelling. It’s very convenient for any parent to carry in their child’s soccer bag, or a coach to have during games and practices. There is no need to stop doing an activity for a little bruising and swelling. Let the coolant do the work and the person get back to what they enjoy.

Convenient, affordable and quick acting the cooling spray is a great new product and a must have for anyone. Why not keep a can in the house for those minor accidents? Pull it out, spray it on and be done with it.

Sharp Shin Pain

Oh! The agony of shin splints! We’ve all been there. There is never anything to do for shin pain. Massaging it doesn’t help and walking on it creates sharp shooting pain up your leg. Well, now there are better ways to deal with such agonizing pain.

Here, we just seem to have ice wraps for anything don’t we? Well, pretty much. One of our best sellers is the shin ice wrap. It is great for shin splints and shin pain relief. The water based gel inside the pack is able to be moved where you need it and made to stay in place even while standing upright. There seems to be nothing else like it. This unique product is a great purchase and easily used again and again. It is durable and made to last.

This purchase is not to be regretted it does exactly what it is made to do, relieve shin pain. No more waking up in the middle of the night with sharp shooting pains.

Relief for Feet and Ankles

Ankles and feet have a unique shape to them. When having pain from injury or chronic pain a person needs to be able to continue to use their feet. Our wraps do a good job of conforming to the unique shape of these joints while still allowing full use of the foot and ankle.

Sports injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, falls, all of these things can lead to ankle and foot pain. It’s not an easy thing to deal with. Our legs are very important parts of our body. When your feet our in pain it can make the simplest things impossible to complete. We carry a wide variety of products that can help in this area.

One of our best sellers is the Ankle & Foot Ice Wrap for Ankle Pain and Swelling. This reusable, washable, and flexible wrap can be used for most ankle pains, from bruises to sprains. There is no need to walk in pain trying to hide an unnecessary limp. This wrap will easy the pain and give great results. Buy it now for that next little mishap.

Recovery for Sports Injuries

Being involved in sports is a great way to spend free time, but sometimes, it can be a real handful. For students, keeping up with studies and doing well in the big game is not easy. When an athlete gets injured it just causes even more stress. Don’t allow that to keep an athlete down.

Many injuries can be dealt with quickly if reaction time is fast. So many of our products are overlooked but they work and they work well. Don’t give up on injury pain! We can offer you relief.

Try one of our best sellers the Dual Comfort Ice or Heat Therapy Packs 6 x 10 – Sports Injury Recovery. It offers great versatility and can be used on many parts of the body. Don’t just grind your teeth and try and get through it, we have answers.