Rotator Cuff Injury – Treatment Options

Do you play sports or have a job that requires you to participate in regular physical activity? While these types of actions may help you to stay in better shape, they also put you at risk for physical injury if you make a movement that your body is not ready for. If you think that you have injured yourself in your upper back or shoulder region, and it is interfering with the way your enjoy your hobbies or the way that you perform your job, you should know that you may have a rotator cuff injury that needs to be dealt with by a professional.

If you’ve never injured your rotator cuff before, you might not know whether or not you truly have this injury or not. There are several symptoms that indicate that you might be looking at a rotator cuff injury, including intense pain in your shoulder. The rotator cuff is an area of muscles and tendons that help to connect your upper arm to your shoulder blade. If you’ve ever reached up to get something off of a high shelf or beaten your previous record in the back stroke, you have your rotator cuff to thank for that.

What most people don’t know about rotator cuff injuries is that they are usually able to be healed on their own. Because the cuff is only muscle and tendon, you can’t really put in a cast or prescribe medicine that will heal it like a broken bone or an ankle sprain. If you feel a searing pain when you attempt to lift your arm over your head, you should definitely let a doctor examine your muscle tissue and provide you with a sling to stabilize the area while the body attempts to heal itself. This might be painful, and will take a lot of patience.

If you are experiencing an unusual pain in your shoulder blade, your doctor will probably prescribe heat and ice treatments so that you can sleep and go about your day. If you are experiencing a throbbing pain, you can use ice or cold packs to numb the pain. If the pain is dull and aching, the heat will help it to melt away and loosen up the injured muscle. No matter what the causes or the symptoms are be sure that you request a doctor to look at the injury. In some cases surgery or more intensive rotator cuff treatments are required, and you don’t want to avoid them.