Questions for your Dr. Before using Ice/Heat Therapy

As the customer service/sales manager at IceWraps, I have learned that people’s primary care physician or specialist, simply don’t give their patients enough advice on the type and duration of hot or cold therapy they need .

One of the most frequent question I get is “how long do I need to ice/heat and how often.” While I can certainly answer this in general terms each person’s needs are specific to their injury.

You may have one person who really needs to ice/heat for ten minutes another might need to go the full twenty minutes anywhere from once a day to three or four times a day. So while I will share this general information, I strongly suggest each person check with their doctor for their specific needs.

Of course, one of my big concerns is that some customers want to ice or heat an area longer then twenty minutes. Most people don’t realize that over icing can actually cause frostbite (actual damage to the tissue of the skin).

While it’s always my goal to give each person the best advice I can, as an online store, I don’t speak with most people who purchase from us. Likewise I am not a medical doctor nor are any of our other customer service specialists, so we’re unable to give specific medical advice.

So here are some general questions you should ask your doctor before using ice/heat therapy:

  • 1. How long should the ice/heat be applied per session? (general range 10 to 20 minutes)

  • 2. How many times throughout a day should I ice/heat (should wait at least 10 to 20 minutes between ice/heat therapy)

  • 3. How many days, weeks, months will I need ice/heat therapy?

  • 4. Should I be using just ice, just heat or a combination of both? (if both, generally ice followed by heat)

  • Be proactive in your care! Not only will this help you heal faster, this type of information will also help me or one of our other customer service specialists help you get the product you need.