Ice Pack to the Rescue!

As one of the customer service specialists, it is particularly satisfying when the products I represent Ice wraps come to my rescue!

It’s that magical time of year when we head out doors in earnest, and like you, I’m no exception to that. One of activities I enjoy is rollerblading! I have chronically bad knees so jogging just isn’t possible for me. Rollerblading is low impact and a wonderful way to get back into shape after sitting indoors all winter long.

This year with the addition of two dogs to my family, I decided a wonderful way to exercise the dogs as well as myself would be to take the dogs rollerblading with me! And for the first few days, it was perfect! Granted…the road was a little rough but I got to move and the dogs got to run! So far so good…

I’m sure you’ve guessed…all was not to end well. One afternoon, I started down the road, the dogs in the lead and I heard a car approaching from behind. Normally, I simply move over to the side with the dogs in tow. Well, on this day I was coming up to a driveway, and thought how convenient…I can simply skate into the drive and stop there. (yes I know the owners of the driveway).

Unknown to me…there was a rather large stone which of course my rollerblade managed to find. Down I went! Fast and hard, knee first. I quickly realized continuing to skid across pavement on my knee was not really the best method to stop and chose to finish off my fall with a head over heel roll. Ouch! It must have looked rather dramatic since the car stopped to be sure I was ok.

Once the initial shock wore off, I assessed the damage (which to my knee was conservable), took off my rollerblades and hobbled home with the dogs untangled and seeming rather pleased with my neat trick!

Once home, I cleaned myself up…bandaged up my knee and grabbed an ice pack since I could see my knee swelling minute by minute! I followed the general suggestion of 10 to 20 minutes on let things warm up for about an hour…and back to the 10 to 20 minutes on. It was so convenient to but the ice insert in the wrap, velcro it in place and let the cold do it’s work.

I continued to ice for the next couple days and much to my delight, the swelling went down pretty quickly and I didn’t even wind up with a black and blue knee! (Road rash however is still plaguing me!)