Pain is Not Discriminatory

It is not just athletes and active individuals that have to deal with pain. Headaches, backaches, neck aches and muscle pain are common to everyone. knows this and we carry a large supply of unique cold and hot packs and wraps. A very useful product is our Pressure Point Cold Therapy Packs. These packs aid in the relief of headaches, back aches and muscle soreness.

Combining pressure point therapy and cold therapy these packs are a must have. Many times, everyone gets that achy soreness that just won’t quit. A person can not get comfortable no matter what they do. These packs do the work for them.

Horrible pain can stop a person in their tracks and ruin their entire day. There is no need to deal with all that. Just take a little time out to rest with one of these packs and get up feeling great and being able to finish out your day on top.

A Wrap for Many Areas of the Body

Calf muscles, back pain, knee injuries and pulled thigh muscles; these areas are in positions all over the body and for athletes or people who have strenuous jobs with multiple injuries it isn’t cheap to purchase a different wrap for every area. We understand that. That is why we carry products like the Multipurpose Hot & Cold Wrap.

In works in all the above mentioned areas and can be used as hot or cold therapy. It wraps and fits nicely so that moving is not a problem. Why should a busy person have to put ice on their leg and then lie on the couch waiting for it to work? There is no need. These wraps fit securely and are durable.

Now there is no need to worry about the extra expenses of a rough and tumble sport. These type of wraps that are multipurpose give great results and are so versatile that you get your money back each time you use it. Customers are happy with there purchase of the multipurpose Hot and Cold Wrap and now there is nothing stopping a person from buying it. It’s useful and is made to last.

Hamstring Wraps

A person is jogging down the street and all of a sudden he pulls his hamstring. For anyone who has been in sports, they know that the hamstring is on of the most painful pulled muscles. That injury needs to be dealt with quickly and sufficiently.

That is why our site sells the Hamstring Ice Wrap. It is simple to use and gives great relief. The gel in these wraps is very durable, safe and stationary. The gel inside can be moved around to where it is needed most and then will stay put, defying gravity itself. A pulled hamstring sends shooting pain up and down your leg. A person needs his legs! So, don’t take a chance in having to just deal with it next time it happens have one of these Hamstring Ice Wraps handy at home.

Pulled muscles are devastating to a runner, icing them can give instant relief and prevent further injury. Don’t perform an injustice, be ready for anything. No one should have to deal with this kind of pain when the relief is simple and quick.

Quad and Thigh Pain

For walkers and joggers pain in the thigh muscles can be a real nuisance. Perhaps it is from not stretching well enough, or walking on uneven ground. Whatever the case it really hinders someone who habitually exercises. However, pains in these muscles are very easy to deal with. Cold and warm compresses do wonders.

The Thigh or Quad Ice Wrap is a real time saver. It allows for hands free icing and does wonders for tight and pulled muscles. There’s no need to mess up your workout schedule. Stretch properly, wear correct shoes and if you still have pains put on a Thigh Ice Wrap.

These wraps are durable and easy to use and still function while wearing. There is no reason why a person should stop doing things that they need to do for a pulled quad. Just wrap it in one of our products and get on with it!

It’s Not a Wrap, It’s a Spray

No, it’s not spray on deodorant. That can of 9 Ounce Cold Spray by Mueller is a new product made specifically to spray on skin and create cooling relief for painful areas. How convenient! For pains and aches that are not quite so serious there is now no need to wear a bulky ice pack.

It is fast acting in relieving pain and reducing swelling. It’s very convenient for any parent to carry in their child’s soccer bag, or a coach to have during games and practices. There is no need to stop doing an activity for a little bruising and swelling. Let the coolant do the work and the person get back to what they enjoy.

Convenient, affordable and quick acting the cooling spray is a great new product and a must have for anyone. Why not keep a can in the house for those minor accidents? Pull it out, spray it on and be done with it.