Introducing Woopsies Kid Comfort Hot and Cold for Boo Boos! – by Bucky

If you have little ones like I do, you know how often you are in need of an ice pack or hot wrap. It seems like they’re always scraping or bumping something! ButWoopsies Kid Comfort Hot and Cold for Boo Boos! usually, trying to get them to sit still while you hold the ice is a struggle. If you have the same problem, let me introduce you to Woopsies. They’re adorable little critters, similar to a boo-boo bunny that you can either use cold or hot.

Woopsies come in many different colors, and they all have different personalities. They’re like boo-boo bunny ice packs with attitude! There is Zibble, a blue critter with a gentle smile and pointed ears; Arble, a little green guy with a grin that shows off his one tooth; Freedle, the orange one with outstretched arms ready to comfort boo-boos; Whoodle, a pink creature with a concerned expression; Zooble, who is purple and has an infectious smile; and Bozzle, a yellow buddy whose expression seems to say, “I’m sorry you have an owie!”

One of the best things about Woopsies is that they are made of sustainable material. Unlike boo-boo bunnies, these Woopsie - Zibble (Blue)guys are made of bamboo terrycloth. They’re filled with buckwheat, which gives them a soft, squishy, lovable consistency. This also gives them a lot of flexibility – they can be put in the microwave for 20 seconds for moist heat, and they can be used as cold packs by freezing them for two hours. They will stay hot or cold for about 30 minutes, which is plenty of time to help your little one recover. And did I mention that they’re machine washable?

These little boo-boo buddies will not only provide therapeutic heat or cold for your child’s ouchies, they also provide companionship and sympathy.Woopsie - Bozzle (Yellow)Their sweet little faces will help take your little one’s mind off the discomfort. It helps to have a friend to smile at you when you’re hurt! And there’s a Woopsie that’s perfect for every child. Just pick out their favorite color. It wouldn’t hurt to have several of these little guys around, either. Keeping one in the freezer at all times is a great idea, and it’s nice to have a second one for microwaving. It might even be smart to get a third just in case, because they are so cute they might end up in the toy box…

Woopsies are the latest offering from IceWraps, and they might be one of the most useful tools in a parent’s arsenal. By offering soothing heat or cold, plus an adorable little face to keep your child company, Woopsies can help comfort them quickly and easily. With mom or dad’s hugs and kisses and a Woopsie’s help, your little one will be up and running again in no time.

Concerned about the negative side Effects of Oral Pain Relievers

Ever taken ibuprofen or some other oral pain medication for deep joint pain or a back or shoulder ache, but then been concerned about the potential side effects? Numerous studies have shown that over time, these negative side effects can be severe.

When taken orally, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as Ibuprofen, Salicylates such as aspirin and acetaminophen stop the body’s production of mucus in the stomach and digestive track. Lack of mucus in the stomach can result in ulcers, bleeding, indigestion and other stomach problems.


If you have concerns about these possible side effects, a viable alternative is to use a unique topical Ibuprofen cream like Ibunex that is used directly on the site of the injury instead. One .2 gram pump of Ibunex contains 10 milligrams of Ibuprofen, 4 milligrams of Glucosamine, 4 milligrams of Chondroitin, 5 milligrams of MSM and 5 milligrams of Bromelain.

While the topical Ibuprofen reduces the swelling and inflammation, the other ingredients work together to start the rehabilitation process. In addition to stopping the pain associated with an injury in the acute stage, topical Ibuprofen is also effective at eliminating the chronic pain associated with long term conditions like tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow.

Those who suffer from chronic joint symptoms may also want to try out Gluconex, a unique topically applied maintenance formula of Glucosamine plus Chondroitin, MSM and Bromelain clinically formulated for topical application of these key ingredients.

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